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Authors Against Piracy Blog Tour

In a digital world, where content is turned into 1s and 0s, piracy has become an issue. As a consumer, one often reads about Warner Brothers or other studios “cracking down” on movie pirates, or music thieves. But how often does the average reader see anything about book piracy?

Before I was an author, I didn’t know book piracy existed. Sure, I knew there were places to “steal” movies, and TV, but it never occurred to me that there were people – or websites – stealing books. yet Piracy accounts for at least 12% of ebooks in the United States alone.  I’d bet that there are plenty of other readers (and maybe even authors) as naive as I was, people who have no idea that downloading that “free” PDF of a novel is stealing. To raise awareness of the book piracy epidemic, Maegan Provan is organizing an Authors Against Piracy Blog Tour. Just like with any awareness drive, she needs bloggers, and authors, who want to participate and draw attention to the issue by posting blogs. And what better way for authors to get people’s attention than by offering free ebooks?

“Say what? How is giving away my book for free going to stop pirates?”

It’s not. You can’t *make* people stop, anymore than you can singlehandedly cure cancer, but you can show them that a legally obtained version is better – the formatting isn’t messed up, all of the chapters are there and, even better, there are no viruses and no surprises. Besides, the point of the “giveaway” isn’t to fill pirates’ kindles, it’s to get people to share the links to the blog posts, because the more people clicking on those posts, the more people are reading about the problem, and the more people reading, the more people that are made aware of the issue, and just maybe those people who are made aware of what an issue it really is will be less likely to pirate in the future, or more likely to tell a friend or loved one who’s pirating to stop. Just as with Breast Cancer Awareness pins – wearing a pin doesn’t cure the problem, it just makes people aware that it IS a serious issue; it gets the conversation started, and that’s what Maegan is trying to do.

If you’d like to join her you can read further details on her blog and join the Facebook group. If you’re not interested in joining, or you can’t, no worries. You can always start that conversation your own way.

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Make a Difference in the Writing Community

Joleene Naylor:

Great advice from author Tricia Drammeh

Originally posted on Tricia Drammeh:

Most authors at one time or another have dreamed of taking the writing world by storm with a breakout bestselling novel. I’m sure most of us still harbor hope this will happen. Regardless of sales or monetary success, we can still make a difference in the writing community. Whether you’re published or still writing your first novel, you can make a huge impact. Here’s how:

  1. Make connections. I recently read an excellent blog post by Susan Toy that discusses online connections and engagement. When it comes to Twitter and blog followers, some people mistake quantity for quality. Would you rather have 100 followers who regularly visit and comment on your blog, or 1000 followers you never hear from again? A huge number of Twitter followers or Facebook Page likes might look good on paper, but what does it really mean if you aren’t making connections with people? Visit blogs and leave…

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Last Calls for a Speculative Fiction Anthology

Wanted to take a minute and share this here in case there were any interested speculative fiction authors.

The Ink Slinger’s League is sponsoring a speculative fiction anthology in time for the holidays and we need your stories! If you write:

  • Horror
  • Paranormal
  • Sci-Fi
  • Fantasy

Or any mix of the genres, then we’d love to have a story from you.

To submit:

Mail your story(s) that are between 1,000 – 10,000 words to Joleene (at) JoleeneNaylor (dot) com by November 30th with a bio, author photo, website/twitter/facebook links, synopsis of at least one novel and buy links for that novel. It doesn’t matter if the story has been published before, so long as you have the rights to it. Stories do NOT need to have a holiday theme, though if you feel so inclined let the spirit move you. Authors may submit up to TWO stories for inclusion.

Stories can be adult subject matter, but shouldn’t be explicit erotica. If you’re not sure how explicit is too explicit, send your story and I’ll let you know.


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