How to Get a Cheap Cover – Part VII

(I’ve been running a series on my MySpace blog called “Adventures in Indie Publishing” where I tell everyone how I made a muck up of it all so that they don’t have to.  At the moment I’m exploring “How to Get a Cheap Cover” and, after a suggestion from Ruth, I decided to post it here as a series (because it’s a long, long post!)

In my last posts I told you where to find images to use for your cover, but now we’ve come to a nitty gritty bit: what to do with those images? In other words, who is going to put that cover together?

As with the other choices, you can either do it yourself or get someone else to do it for you. If you opt to have someone else do it remember you need to credit them so that the copyright page of your book would say:

Cover image by ____
Cover layout (or design) by ______

It’s important to properly credit your people, especially if you get them to do it for free. You might even be able to use it as a selling point to their friends and family. (Just thinking of all the options here!) If you have more than one cover image you will need to list who all the images came from, as well as any images on your back cover:

Back cover image by_____

Back covers!?!? Now, calm down, we’ll get there later. I promise.

Okay, okay. you got it, I know, I know.  But, before you can credit someone you need to know who is putting this cover together? I suggest you start by hitting up friends and family, then branch out to internet friends. You probably know at least one person who can use an art program – and who will do it for next to nothing, which is our goal here.  However, the Smashwords guy (I like calling him that) has a list of people who will do cover work for you, starting at $30 and up. I’m sure there are other resources, but truthfully, I don’t know them. If anyone else does, feel free to share!

Links to find Cover put-er-together-ers  (yeah, I totally made that title up.) for $30:

Smashwords artist list: mc AT smashwords DOT com (change the @ and the dot) – tell him you want a book cover and he’ll hook you up.

Message me *cough*cough* @ joleene AT joleenenaylor DOT com (Change the @ and the dot)

Most importantly, never forget that people you already know can equal cheap or free!


  1. It’s easy to forget the little details like this. Great!

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