The Idea Book, Box, or Computer File

Since I finished the revisions to my current novel, I decide to take a look through my idea notebook so I could start plotting out my next novel after the one I’m writing. Confused yet. I am.

Anyways, out of curiosity, I wondering how many of you authors have an idea notebook, box, or computer file? How many of you keep it in your head and play it by ear when it comes time to write your next novel? Or what do you do to come up with new ideas?


  1. Stephannie Beman says:

    Since I posted the question I thought I’d start by saying that I keep an idea notebooks and a computer idea notebook of any random ideas that pop into my head at any given moment or that I feel like adding to. This is my jump off point when I start a new story, but the bulk of it comes to me as I write. Part of being a writer for me is being able to pull ideas out of thin air and place them into a story without ruining the flow.

    1. I lost my weekly to do list calendar! Grrr….I only got two weeks out of the thing before it ran off. 😦

      1. Stephannie Beman says:

        LOL. Do you have a calendar on the computer? Sometimes its easier to keep then the physical one that can be misplaced.

  2. I actually keep most things in my head. Once in awhile if it’s a scene for something I’m working on I’ll write it up ahead and save it as a separate document (I did this, for instance, with Legacy of Ghosts with a fight between two characters) or else at the bottom of my notes file (I did this for a conversation once). I used to keep things in a notebook, but then I would lose the notebook, LOL!

    1. Stephannie Beman says:

      Before I moved out of my parents house, my mom was always washing my notebooks. LOL

    2. LOL I do this often for the sex scenes because you have to be in a certain frame of mind to adequately write those. When the kids are running around, screaming and fighting, there’s no way I can “get in the mood”. Haha

  3. I have an “unofficial” journal for my ideas. All I do is write the title, the genre, and one or two sentences of what the book is about. I rarely ever do anything else, even though I keep meaning to.

    Most of the time, I use my Myspace blog to keep current on my future ideas. 🙂

    1. Stephannie Beman says:

      I started using a three-ring binder to keep my current ideas in. Every so often I go through it when I’m ready to start the next outline or book and choose my next story.

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