We’re All Experts, Admit It!

“Wow! how did you do it?”

Since Fledgling has come out, I have been asked that question a few times. The writers that ask me want to know how did I get the guts to self-publish and how they can do it. One had tried the traditional route, didn’t like it. A couple like the idea of being independent. And a few are just curious.

I give them the nutshell advice. “Check out Createspace, Lulu, or Lighting Source see which one you like. Get an editor. Buy your own ISBN. Get the book ready, and promote the hell out of it.”

Very quick. But that leads to more questions.

When I was first ask that question. I was floored. He thinks I am an expert? But as I talked to him, I realized I was. This person had never thought of going self-published. But as we talked about it. He realized it might be right for him.

Another one asked me the same question. We ended up talking about the business end more than the publishing end. Especially promotion. His idea for his book was one I kicked myself for not thinking of. But I suggested that he put out a blog first, with the same concept. He thought about it. “Yeah, that’s a great idea.”

Maybe I should start charging? Nah.

All of us that self publish are at some point of the spectrum. Some of us are new, water behind the ears types. Others have been doing this for years. And what I have found is that we all want to help each other.

I might not know how to hire a translator for my novels, but I bet I could find another indie author that has done it. At the same token, if anyone wants to ask me about how to set up a novel layout in Open Office, I might send them my template.

There are some that will promise to help you, then make you buy their book. With the exception of one or two titles, keep your money. A lot of the information is available for free, you just have to ask. Or Google it.

The community that is indie-authors has been one that I was happy to find. If you ask someone a question and they don’t know, they might know someone that does. In my case I have twittered a question and got many responses back.

I guess the end of this post is this; we call come into this craziness with our little bit of expertize. Maybe we didn’t realize that years of retail helps us understand how to approach bookstores. Or all that accounting we did, pays off when keeping records.  We all have our own little niche we can share. And I hope we all do.


  1. Good point. Self-published authors have been a terrific source of information over the past couple of years since I started mingling with them. It’s how I discovered CreateSpace and DTP Amazon. One thing I love about this blog is that we get a variety of authors posting who share their expertise. I’ve learned a lot since being here. 😀

  2. Ha ha! Yeah, I get questions now and then and am happy to pass on what I know, but I don’t feel like much of an expert. 🙂

    good post!

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