Follow Friday a Necessary Evil

When I first started Twitter, I would dread Fridays. What the heck were all these people doing filling up my stream with names? I really didn’t like it. But as I started to watch and realize, they were shouting out to me too. So I had to rethink my attitude.

#FollowFriday is a must if you want to show your followers that you think they are special. That is why it is a necessary evil. It’s easy to do when you have a few hundred or less, but what happens when you hit over a thousand? It suddenly becomes a chore. I have figured out a way to make the chore easier, and doing so without flooding the streams of my followers.

To start, you need to sign up with two services. and

Follow Friday Helper is a great way to sort the people that actually interact with you and send them a thank you. The interface is easy to learn, I won’t cover that here. All you have to do is pick people out of your list (I do recommend for your #FollowFriday shout outs you sort the names under ALL). And click on their names. The application does the rest.

Most people stop there. They will send the tweet from the page, then move on to the next bunch of folks. Please don’t. You end up filling others feeds with the #FollowFriday and it can be annoying. That is why you need Social Oomph.

Social Oomph is a tweet scheduler, you should be using it already if you are promoting anything, organizing tweet chats, and is handy for other things. I only use the free version, so don’t worry if you think it costs a lot. On Fridays, or Thursday nights for me, I schedule my #FollowFriday tweets. I use Follow Friday Helper to set up the tweets then I copy and paste my tweets on to Social Oomph.

I sometimes schedule one an hour, some weeks one every 30 minutes. There are weeks you are more active on Twitter than others. I suppose you could skip this step. But think of your followers. You might have a few hundred people to thank on a #FollowFriday and your followers could be under a lot of tweets in a short time. This spreads the tweets out and it doesn’t look like you are blitzkrieging them.

With Social Oomph you could set up special #FollowFriday tweets for people, for what ever reason, you always will want to give a shout out for, but they are not active on Twitter (such as friends and family). You could set up those tweets, save it as a draft. Then schedule them to repeat every Friday.

Add to this a #TY on Saturdays. Using the same steps above, except on Follow Friday Helper you set the sort to Mentions and sort the list by Last Tweet Date. This will give you everyone that shouted out your name on #FollowFriday. Now you can make sure you thank everyone and won’t miss anyone.

At this time, pay attention to the little blue links by the persons profile. There is one that says either follow or unfollow. If it says follow, click on their picture and see if it someone you would want to follow back.

Be careful, some spammers will copy #FollowFriday tweets hoping that you will follow them blindly. They hope you are thinking, “They mentioned me, they must know me.” The other ones come from people that thank the person that sent their name up in a #FollowFriday by copy and pasting the original #FollowFriday tweet. I have found some great followers that do that, so not everyone is out-to-get-you in that respect.

Total cost of my time, with over 2000 followers, a little more than an hour spread over two days. Not a lot. At the core of Twitter is interaction. Even if you signed up to use Twitter to promote your book. The biggest mistake you can make is NOT thanking the people following you. So those of you that think #FollowFriday is a waste of time. You are missing out on one way to prove to the people you want to reach that you care.


  1. David Knight says:

    Thanks Marim….must admit i had a quick look at it seemed complex! ( Real pc novice sorry) Will try to learn asap…..have agreat weekend. dave

  2. Damn, twitter faux pax and I didn’t even know it! I was wondering what all the #FF was about. No one on my twitter stream even used #FollowFriday until recently. Do they have a twitter manual of Twitter rules for the twitter tard that I am. LOL

    1. Mari Miniatt says:

      I was the same when I started. Some people HATE #followfriday. to the point they want to ban it.
      When I started to look at it as a way to promote the people I enjoy interacting with, which is the reason it started, I liked it. It is also a good way to build followers. If a person you like lists a bunch of people on #followfriday, check them out and see if you want to follow them. There are some amazing people out there.

      1. I just didn’t understand what they were doing. I thought it was like a friend these people or thanking these people for mentioning them type of thing. It makes more sense now. I don’t mind it. I’ve found some really good people to follow because of it.

  3. Thanks for this information! I have a twitter account, but beyond automatic feeds I don’t do anything with it and though I had heard of Follow Friday I didn’t know what it was. Now I do!

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