Smashwords has big news!!

In fact, it’s so big that rather than tell you myself I’m going to just send you to their blog!Smashwords BIG announcement!*

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*hint – read ALL the way to the end & Happy April 1st 😉



  1. Catana says:

    I got that in my mailbox this morning. I wonder when Mark Coker has time to sleep. He’s running Smashwords, will answer anybody who contacts him, and still has time for April Fool’s Day.

    1. RMY says:

      ROFLMBO!! I got excited at first, then suspicious with it being April 1st. Then started laughing as I read the article. I loved some of the comments. Future company called… Smindle lolololololol

      1. Catana says:

        As soon as I saw the words “Smashwords Aquires Amazon,” I knew it had to be a joke. Smashwords has just made it into the break-even zone. Even with the miracle that Mark seems to be pulling off, I doubt that he has a bottomless purse.

    2. Maybe he’s really a zombie and never sleeps? 😉

      That would be convenient, though… think of everything we could get done!

  2. David Knight says:

    Thx for the share Joleene….agee with Catana….Mark is like a machine. I guess we can ALL acheive great things if we have the passion! God bless, dave

    1. This is very true, Dave! 😀

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