Free and Cheap Resources Updated

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I have updated the Free & Cheap Images, Fonts, Sound & Videos for Trailers & Books post with several new links. If you know of a good site that offers free or cheap music, videos, photos or art for commercial use that I missed listing, please shoot me a message and let me know, or comment to this post. (Comments are closed on the other one for some reason).


  1. Hi ya Jo…u are so helpful to everyone…sound like great links bless u 🙂

    1. Always happy to help! I run into a lot of links while looking for images etc. for book covers 🙂

  2. vicky says:

    I think you can check out the Safe Creative registry. ( I use them for my own books). There’s a lot of great stuff there and some of it can be used for commercial purposes. You can also contact the creators too.

    1. Thanks Vicky! Do you have a link for that?

  3. vicky says:

    Sorry it took so long to report back –

    1. no problem! thanks, will go add it now 🙂

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