Writer’s Doubts: 3 Symptoms & 4 Treatments by Shannon at Self-Publishing Duolit

Don’t let your doubts be your guide.

Writing doubts are no different. We’ve all experienced the frustration that comes with unanswered questions about our abilities. We’ve scrapped hours of hard work, wondered if we should be pursuing something else, or read the rest of the article at http://selfpublishingteam.com/writers-doubt-3-symptoms-4-treatments/


  1. Lorna Faith says:

    Thanks Stephannie…again you’ve hit the nail on the head for me! I’m almost done my 1st historical romance novel…but lately I’ve been having more doubts than ever. Like is this actually a good book? Will I actually be able to learn all there is to know to self-publish my book…etc.:) Crazy I know…but thanks for the prescription…it really helped me today!

    1. I always have doubts around the end of a book, especially as I’m getting ready to publish it. My biggest ones right now have to deal with a novel and the short story that goes with it. Not sure if I should publish the short story for one, mostly because they don’t sell good for me. The second one is the cover of the short story looks better than the book cover I did for the novel. I’m thinking of switching them, because I know the book will sell while the short story is a mystery on selling. Though I do try to put the short stories up for free.

      1. Lorna Faith says:

        Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing what you do…:-)

  2. I find I have doubts around the middle of the book, when it’s too late to stop, but the end feels far off.

    1. 😀 Middles are hard sometimes.

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