Kim Wolterman Shares What Happened When Amazon Sent Her a Request to Prove Copyright of Her Book

My thanks to Kim Wolterman for sharing links to her blog describing the process she used to answer Amazon’s proof of copyright request.  She even shares the email she received so we can know what this email looks like.  Then she shares what she sent them and their response.  She was able to resolve the issue without any hiccups, so I wanted to pass the information along.

Here’s what she wrote:

I had this happen to my ebook, and it was a heart stopping moment for me at the time. Here is a link to my blog post where I show the email in its entirety, the link to my response to Amazon and finally a link to the response I received from Amazon As you can see it was handled pretty promptly, and at no time was my book unavailable for purchase.


  1. I wish my copyright situation was going as smoothly. 🙂

    Good info – it’s definitely unsettling.

    1. What’s happening with your situation?

      I hate that we even have to go through this. I haven’t been hit yet, but I figure it’s just a matter of time before I am. This is one case where having a publisher helps because I don’t think small or big publishers are going through this. If I’m wrong, I’d like to know.

      1. I blogged about it yesterday, so it was strange to see this post – although my story is a little different.
        Basically, someone from Scholastic UK filed a copyright infringement claim last week and retracted it five minutes later. Two days ago, Amazon took my book down without saying a word. (At the time, I wasn’t aware of any of this). I contacted Amazon when a reader asked me why the book was unavailable, and Amazon told me about the copyright infringement claim and gave me the details of the third party so I could contact them. That person apologised and told me the claim had been a mistake on their part which they tried to cancel immediately (they attached the emails they sent to Amazon retracting the claim). Anyway, I heard back from Amazon today, and they aren’t letting the book go live again until they receive contact from Scholastic (which they already have), so I’m in that in-between place of losing my mind and trying to get customer service to actually read my emails. 🙂 If it sounds confusing, it is. Lol.

        It was scary at the time though – proving copyright sounds so complicated, and at first, I did wish I had someone to deal with it for me.

        From talk online, it seems like similar situations are happening regularly now…

        1. That’s horrible. I am stunned. I can’t even think of anything to say because it’s such a nightmare. It’s definitely scary.

          I guess I keep thinking that joining Amazon Select could be career suicide. Is your book on other sites?

          1. Yes, thankfully. Through Smashwords distribution.

            I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, but it could.

            1. How are things going for you? Did things get resolved yet? (I hope you don’t mind that I asked.)

              1. Not yet. Scholastic contacted them again on my behalf – but I haven’t gotten another response from Amazon. I’m planning on emailing again later on.

                1. I’m upset on your behalf. By this time, something should have happened. Do you register copyright in your country? I know things are different where you’re at. Do you have a lawyer you can talk to about nudging Amazon along? Amazon dragged its feet for over a month when someone stole one of my books last year, and it took a lawyer to get them to listen to me. All the lawyer did was give them a call and within a couple hours, the matter was resolved. Do you have anything similar thing you can do over there?

                  1. I woke up to an email from Amazon letting me know the book is available again, so thankfully, I don’t have to do that. I’ll definitely consider it in the future, although I’m honestly not completely sure how things like that would work here. There aren’t a lot of agents here, never mind solicitors experienced in this area. I’m definitely going to do some research, if only to protect myself in the future. I’m sure I looked up about copyright in Ireland when I started, but I’ve forgotten it all, so that’s something to go over, too.

                    Some days it’s tiring to be in charge of every little thing. 🙂

                    1. Don’t feel bad. I didn’t register my copyright until my first book was stolen so I understand what you mean. I agree. It is tiring to be in charge of everything at times.

                      I’m glad your book is back up! 😀 What a relief. I love hearing the issue has been resolved.

                    2. Thanks. One less thing to worry about. 🙂

  2. Wonderful blog! I found it while searching on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Appreciate it

    1. I didn’t know we were listed on Yahoo News. How did you find out about this?

      I’m sorry I can’t help you. I have no idea how to get listed there.

  3. Did you register the copyright with the feds? If you had, would this have fixed it with Amazon?

    1. I have, and if Amazon does the same thing to me that they’re doing to Claire Farrell (above), I’m running for my copyright lawyer with my registration paper in hand. But since Claire Farrell isn’t a US author, I don’t know what her legal recourse would be.

  4. Yeah, the same thing happened to me and I sent in my links and they sent back a “thank you” message 😉 Would have gone quicker if it had not been over the weekend.

    1. Thanks for letting us know the links worked. I’m glad you got it resolved. 😀

  5. Nadja Notariani says:

    Thanks for sharing this post. I’ve heard a great deal over the late week or so on authors having to prove copyright. I’m glad to see how the process went (at least for this authro) and the timely response/handling of the issue.

    1. It sounds like in most cases, it’s easily resolved.

  6. lornafaith says:

    Very helpful…words of wisdom for something that could happen in the future. I bookmarked this post..because it’s better to be prepared 🙂

    1. I was surprised when I first heard of it. Then I realized I had no idea what to do if I got an email like that. LOL I feel better now that I got more insight into this. I like to be prepared whenever possible.

  7. I’ve bookmarked this one too for future reference. Thanks for posting on it.

    1. You’re welcome. 😀

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