The Power of Advertising – Guest post by D.M. Yates

Have any of you seen this commercial?


Boy, it sure makes you want to buy that Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, doesn’t it? I know I desperately want one. But what makes this commercial appealing?

First, we see her having to scrub her floor surrounded by dull gray cabinets. Then it starts again with a song many of us remember only too well from the movie ‘Risky Business’ with Tom Cruise dancing. As the commercial starts again, she dances in happily and the background suddenly bursts into colors: blues – trust, peace, calmness; pinks – silly, girlish, love, nurturing; oranges – joy, sunshine, happiness; reds – energy, strength, passion; yellows – joy, energy; purples – power, luxury, ambition. Then she moves to the next room. Golds – success, triumph; greens – positive, self-reliant. The main thing is the expression on the dancer – talk about happy, joyous, energetic, sunshiny, passionate, and powerful. Wish I could dance like that. Hey, maybe if I got this mop, I could and cleaning would make me happy. It ends with a happy female commentator summing up what the product can do and saying, ‘Shark, the floor is your stage.’

I LOVE this commercial. I sit up and pay attention every time it comes on. I want a Shark, must have. It’s now on my list to buy.

I’d give this commercial the highest rating possible, and I would guess it achieves what the company most wants – sales. Colors are powerful images in marketing. The right colors associated with the right product mean sales – high sales.

How about this commercial?


Travelers Insurance makes many commercials using dogs. Aren’t we a pet society? This little dog makes us fall in love with him right away, and the message is clear – we should be rewarded for good behavior; even dogs know that.

This is another commercial I love to watch. I’d rate it as very successful. The important thing is that the commercial starts with the red umbrella, the symbol used by this company in commercials. It ends showing more umbrellas. The speaker talks about saving money by good behavior. I’d bet this commercial also achieves what the company wants. Did you notice the happy family that the dog belongs to? Like the happy insurance company you could belong to?

Did you notice the main color green? life, growth, money, relaxation; whites – freshness, hope, goodness, simplicity; grays – stability, security, maturity. blues – peace, calmness, confidence, integrity.

How about this commercial? Talk about putting a smile on your face:
Cheerios Big Brother


Check out the colors used, look at the happiness. What color is the Cheerios box? What about the song at the end? What other colors did you notice? This is another commercial I love. Heck, after seeing this, I’d buy Cheerios anytime (and I do).

Finally, let’s look at one made for the woman of the house:
Official Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Commercial


What do you notice about this commercial? What about the sexy voice of the announcer? Colors? Effect? Yes, I would guess that this is another successful commercial bringing sales to the company.

What about bad commercials? Well, I won’t show you those, but when I see a company putting down another company – I don’t see the colors, I don’t see the meaning, I see only negativity and who wants that in their lives?

When you’re developing your marketing strategy and book covers/symbols for your business, think about what impact you want on the buyer. Make sure the colors match your product, the music sets the mood you want, and the speaker’s tone or written words emphasize what you’re trying to get across.

Especially don’t forget those tags or labels. So important for people to find your merchandise.

Marketing – it makes sales or stops sales. Which do you want?

LHR, my friends and PAWS for Success.

DM Yates is a self-published author of Always, a fantasy/new age/spiritual/romance. She has spent her life working in customer service and sales where she learned how to make the sale by using marketing techniques. These days, she’s retired and loves being part of online communities of writers and poets, and researching online methods of marketing. Her blog, Believe in Yourself is based on her mantra. She has developed the phrase: PAWS for Success (poets, artisans, writers striving for Success)


  1. Barb says:

    I began laughing when I saw you had the Shark Ad. That ad makes me want to throw things at the TV. That woman must be amped on six 24 Hour Energy drinks. If I had that much energy, I’d try to do some pole dancing or trapeze flying and earn some money instead of dusting my floors.

    But I get what you mean. If the manufacturer isn’t excited about their product, why should I be?

    I also watch the sink commercial whenever it comes on. I hadn’t thought of it until now, but I spend all my time looking at the hunky guys. I couldn’t tell you the name of the brand. (That probably says more about me than the product). Very fun topic.

    1. Hee-hee, yeah the sink commercial and I have the same relationship 😉

  2. I have a Shark mop, and it was one of their commercials that inspired my husband to get it. 😀

    I love all the elements you point out with the commercials (color, whether people are smiling or not, sounds used, etc). They do impact how you feel about the product. I think book covers and websites do the same thing. I’ll have to pay better attention when designing them.

    I loved this post.

    1. Isn’t it great? I saw it on Donna’s blog and knew we needed it 😉 She’s been on a marketing roll lately so i may try to ook some more wisdom from her 🙂

  3. I have a different brand of the steam mop. Oh how I wish it was as easy as the commercial implies. LOL.

    I love the commercial for Liquid Plumr. It’s kind of sexy, but SO humorous. I love it when she takes her hair down and tries to shake it out and it doesn’t cooperate. What a great commercial. Where can I find those guys to advertise my book…….

    1. I know, right? If only I was commercially gifted… and had some hunky models *cough*

      We have the Bissel I think it is, though I can’t swear that’s it. Hubby is the mop master now because he likes to play with it (this is serious) so I am not complaining 😉

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