A Book Marketing Virtual Summit You Can Take From the Comfort of Your Home

I’m passing along information for this online event called Author Marketing Live! which is presenting the Virtual Book Success Summit.  It’s from January 26-30.

Since one of the things people coming to this blog would like to learn is how to market their books, I came across this virtual summit and thought it might be of interest to some reading this.  The problem with most conferences is that they often require you to travel somewhere, which can be hard to do with day jobs, kids, lack of funds, etc.

The best thing is you get access to all these presentations.  You don’t have to be online when the person is presenting the topic.  You can watch the video recording when you have time to sit down and relax.  So it’s on your time when it’s convenient for you.  They’ll even provide transcripts.  And it looks like you can access the materials even after this online event ends on January 30, which makes it even more convenient.

So if you want fresh, new ideas on how to market, I suggest going to this.  I figured I’d go ahead and attend since Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn mentioned it on a podcast.  Joanna Penn’s advice is worth taking.

In my opinion, this event is an excellent deal.  You get a lot of great information for the price they’re asking, and the speakers are top-notch.  If you’re serious about the business side of writing, I highly recommend this.


  1. Will Once says:

    A bit odd. The website tells you everything you need to know about the event, but the price is buried deep. To find that you need to start to Register. And here you hit a snag. I looked at the website this morning (23 Jan) and it is still offering the conference for $149 as an early bird saving if you register before 15 January. The normal price is $299.

    And that gives me a couple of problems. First, I don’t know whether the price today is $149 or $299. Is the pre 15 Jan price still valid?

    And second – $149 or $299 for a virtual conference? I can understand a relatively high price for a real conference, because the organisers have to book rooms, arrange catering, etc. But those costs don’t apply in a virtual conference. I’m being offered something which is probably equivalent to buying a book for the cost of buying ten or more books. And where the marginal cost of each customer is zero.

    Maybe that’s why they’ve kept the price at the early bird level?

    Nice idea. I might be tempted to get involved if it wasn’t for that price.

  2. Personally, I consider $299 a great price for the information that will be offered. The people are offering subjects that we can take away and use to make our business stronger in the years to come. I paid for this yesterday, and I paid $149, which surprised me since it was after January 15. I would have gladly paid $299 for it, though. I was fully expecting to. I’ve been to conferences in person, and I end up paying anywhere from $600 to $1000 when all is said and done when you look at plane tickets, gas for the car, hotel stay, food, and the fee for the conference itself.

    If you decide this is too much, that’s fine. Everyone has their threshold on what they’re willing to spend for something. 🙂

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