Selling & Social Media–DON’T Be a Personal Space Invader

This is a must-read (and funny) blog post on the proper way to promote books.

Selling & Social Media–DON’T Be a Personal Space Invader.



  1. Kristen Lamb actually has her own folder in my saved email. That’s how much I respect her opinions and ideas. Once, I was at a conference for my full time job, and the person who was speaking about social media actually give Kristen’s name as THE social media expert. This was a great article.

    1. I love Kristen Lamb. She’s very inspiring.

  2. ronfritsch says:

    I agree with this, but the spamming of one’s “friends” goes on and on. My answer: the more they spam, the less likely I am to buy and read what they’re pushing.

    1. I agree. I usually put those authors in the “never read” list because of it.

  3. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, but it definitely speaks the truth. Thanks for sharing, Ruth Ann!

    1. I loved her cat pictures. 🙂

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    This blog came into my orbit today, which is perfect because I’ve been wondering how I can market my upcoming book without overwhelming my potential audience… For writers in the process, it’s a good resource to check out.

    1. Thanks for reflagging, and I’m glad you found her post useful. I love her blog. 🙂

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