Writers Helping Writers by G. M. Barlean

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My intro: My two cents (for what it’s worth) is that one misconception there seems to be in the writing community is that we are competing with each other.  The truth is, we’re not.  Just as I can listen to a song by one artist and enjoy another song by another artist, readers enjoy books by a variety of authors.  Readers don’t confine themselves to only one author.  So this idea that if the reader buys another author’s book, that reader won’t buy mine is false.  The truth is, readers can buy my books and books by other authors.  That is why writers helping writers is such a great post.

ID 44829895 © Rawpixelimages | Dreamstime.com
ID 44829895 © Rawpixelimages | Dreamstime.com

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Writers Helping Writers by G. M. Barlean

Last Saturday, my good friend Victorine Lieske and I had the opportunity to speak to the Omaha chapter of the National League of Pen Women. They bought us lunch, we met some very nice women and saw a couple of friends from other writing connections we have. And, as always with writers, we had good conversation and plenty of laughs. You can read all about the history of the National League of American Pen Women at their website: NLAPW.org.

I love speaking at events with Victorine because she’s a writing, marketing, ebook guru known all over the country. She sells books in her sleep! So, it’s pretty cool she lets me come along and share the floor.

I know not to talk about writing or marketing because I’m just a beginner learning the ropes. But I can talk about the importance of critique to work a book and make yourself accountable to your readers. I can also talk about networking.

Here’s what Connie Spittler, the group’s current president, had to say about my portion of the program. “Gina Barlean’s main and best points. As friends, we can give each other free publicity.” It’s a simple premise. Just common sense—one thing this country girl has, at least on occasion. I like to break things down into language we can all embrace. I try to do that in my book, Build a Writing Team. In that book, I talk about networking. It’s a word that can simply translate into, be a friend to each other.

I’ll promote you and you promote me.
I’ll support you, you support me.
I’ll help you and you help me.

Sorry to take the mystery out of it. If you want people to help you out, help them out. If you want people to be nice to you, be nice to them. Let’s combine our talents and see where it takes us.

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G. M. Barlean is an awesome person.  She is just as friendly and kind as she sounds in this post.  She definitely practices what she preaches.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting her in real life and reading her work. She’s a compelling storyteller. 🙂

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  1. I’ve noticed that too, there’s very little competition between writers besides the ones in our minds. I see a lot more people helping each other, whether it be this site or interviews and guest posts with other authors. We’re a pretty social community who like to help each other out.

    1. Plus, who best understands what writers go through than other writers? I try to talk about how I have to write or I get restless to someone who doesn’t write, and they have no idea what I mean. But I explain this to another writer, and they get it. I think it helps a lot when you know you’re not alone, and that is the beauty of having a group of supportive writers around you.

  2. Thanks, Ruth Ann! This is absolutely true. We are readers as well as writers. Buying another Indie writer’s work, leaving reviews, it’s what we should be doing for one another. I rejoice in another writer’s success! Here is a secret… I keep your interview with Smashwords bookmarked because 1) it is inspirational to me and 2) I love reading about how other writers “Get It Done.” We are all in this together and helping one another succeed should be one of our objectives in this life.

    1. Thank you, C.A.! I don’t know if it happens all the time, but I’ve noticed a few authors who’ve been very giving of themselves and their time, and they seem to succeed more than those who don’t. I don’t know if it’s something in the personality of these authors that lend themselves toward success or if it’s more of a “you reap what you sow” principle at work. Those who compete don’t seem to get as far as those who are supportive.

  3. I like posting book recommendations when I’ve read a book that I like. 🙂 I also read a variety of books. I once found an author that I preferred. However, she only wrote a small amount of books. So, after I read her books I had to move on to another book. I haven’t found anything like her books elsewhere.

    1. This is why the best thing authors can do is write more books. 🙂 When you can find that author who pulls you in and you want to read everything she writes, that is a magical moment as a reader.

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    This is worth reading whether or not you are an author. 🙂

  5. ronfritsch says:

    Thanks to all for spreading this message. Other writers have been my main group of supporters since I first started as a self-published author, and I give back to them whenever I can.

    1. I always felt you were supportive. 🙂 It’s nice to be able to meet self-published writers with a heart for encouragement and support.

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