Indie Author Survival Pack Sweepstakes

Note: I don’t usually do this and if anyone contacts me about posting their sweepstakes or giveaway on this website, I will probably say no unless I find the books of use to the writers who come here.

Over the weekend, I received an email for this Dean Chase’s Sweepstakes in my inbox and after a few days debate I decided to share it with you. There are several really good books in the weekly Flash Giveaways and in the Grand Prize Giveaway for the Indie Writer on writing and on marketing. I believe I own about 10 of the 27 books on the list and have another 5 or more on my wishlist. Since I found the ones I have invaluable I feel comfortable recommending this Sweepstakes. Please be aware that it is for US citizens only.

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  1. I have some of those books! This is definitely a good deal. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are some really good books in the giveaway. Even if someone doesn’t want to enter. I figure they might find the list of books of help. 😀

  2. lccooper says:

    Thank you, Stephannie. This will be invaluable.

    Take care,
    LC Cooper

    1. You’re welcome and I hope it helps, LC Cooper. Some of my favorite books on the writing craft and marketing are in that giveaway.

    1. Rami, I hope you do too. Good luck!

  3. lccooper says:

    Hi Stephannie,
    I hope you are well. As implied below, I signed up for the giveaway contest. I did not receive a confirmation email, but I did go ahead and shared the link on twitter and facebook. Since last night, I’ve been buried in spam and ads. Yet, still no sign-up confirmation. Since you were the messenger on this seemingly great contest, I thought you might want to be aware if there is a growing problemI experienced something exactly like this outcome from signing up t another writer’s contest about six months ago. Again, no confirmation email, but loads of ads & spam. This was from one of Kristen lamb’s contacts. A radio station in Washington DC did the same thing.

    The problem seems to emanate from the host contest site and not necessarily the event organizer.

    I hope the site has been legit for you & others and that my experience was a coincidental fluke. You just never know these days.

    All the best,

    LC Cooper

    1. LC Cooper,

      That’s really weird and I hope no one else is having the same problem. If they are, I hope they speak up to so I can remove this giveaway if it is the problem. I signed up for the giveaway a few days before posting it here and received the confirmation email within a few minutes. I haven’t noticed any increase in spam or ads to my inbox.

      I rechecked the official rules of the giveaway this morning and there is a mention that by submitting an entry to the Sweepstakes you have signed up for all nine of the participating authors’ email lists. Is this the spam and the ads that you are receiving?


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