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Smashwords Author Alerts

Smashwords has added an awesome new feature: Smashwords Alerts. When readers sign up, Smashwords will send them an email alert whenever the authors they’re following publish something new.

To send alerts an author doesn’t need to do anything; they just happen, thanks to Smashwords’ system. To follow and author, readers need to log into their Smashwords account at, then find their favorite author’s page. On the left side, under users who’ve favorited the author,there’s a button to favorite the author and one to subscribe to author alerts. Right now Smashwords has automatically subscribed readers to all their favorited authors, but they can go in and unfollow.



But what if your readers don’t buy books from Smashwords? What if they like Barnes and Noble, or Amazon better? I can’t speak for all authors, but when I publish a book or story on Smashwords, I also publish it on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple, Kobo, and all the others, so an alert from Smashwords would still let readers know that a new story was out there, waiting for them on their platform of choice – and I wouldn’t need to harvest their email addresses or send that notification manually.

In a business that increasingly sucks time for promotions, networking, newsletters, and more, any little thing can help! I’m encouraging all my readers to sign up for the alerts. whether they purchase from Smashwords or not, and hopefully that will save me some time and get the word out easier about new stories.

What do you think of the new alerts? As an author? As a reader? Are you planning to make use of them, or do you find it just more email for your inbox?

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As someone who has been curious about the whole BookBub thing, this is a very informative post.


Not Sponsored!!!

Bookbub is a nice site that provides endless lists of ebooks on sale–or even free–for you based on your preferences. As a reader, this is a great free site to find your next favorite ebook.

But what if you’re an author?o_O

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#Authors – 60 (SIXTY) #FREE Invaluable Professional #Editing Articles Not to be Missed…

Chris the Story Reading Ape has hosted Professional Book Editor Susan Uttendorfsky, the owner of Adirondack Editing, for SIXTY (as in 6-0) articles on editing , grammar, and punctuation. There is some great information here, so I wanted to share it. Remember: you can never do too much editing, only too little!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

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