Conferences, Bookstores, & Other Resources

This page contains listings for resources indie authors looking for events and places that can help you get your books into the hands of readers. Included here are conferences, bookstores, and much more. Each entry is included under a grouping, and include a description and links.

If you think you have something that could go on this page, leave a comment with a description and links and we’ll get it up as soon as possible. Thanks!

Bookstores and Shops

Gulf Coast Bookstore

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Gulf Coast Bookstore  is owned and operated by indie authors and is open to all indie authors in the area. Authors are required to stock all books themselves as well as pay for the costs of set-up and renting out shelf-space, in return for one-hundred percent of the profits. They accept all genres and have a growing list of clientele. Sign up through their website.


uPublishU at BEA

This is a conference for self-published authors by Book Expo America, its purpose is to help authors learn the latest tools and opportunities to sell their books and giving them a forum to display their wares to readers, authors, and even business professionals and industry leaders. It’s also a great place for aspiring writers looking to find what opportunities are out there for them. You can check out their website here.

RT Booklovers Convention

Interested in romance? This might be the conference for you. A yearly meeting of romance authors of all stripes, it’s the perfect chance for authors who like a story of true love conquering all odds to mingle with other like-minded individuals, attend some workshops and events, and even get some free books. You can check out their website here.

Romance Writers of America Annual Conference

One of the biggest events in the country for romance writers, this is the chance for all romance writers to meet, mingle, attend workshops, make connections, and even get your books into the hands of your esteemed peers. They even have an indie book signing, if you can believe it! Check out their website here.

Writer’s Digest Annual Conference

Writer’s Digest has been helping authors for years, and their annual conference is a huge resource to authors of all kinds. Whether you’re looking to hear a guest speaker, make some connections, or take a class, you can’t go wrong by visiting this annual gathering. Registration can be found on their website.

WordWyse Expositions

WordWyse is dedicated to supporting each step of the Indie Publishing Author’s journey—writing, editing, publishing, and marketing.  They offer a conference with a variety of workshops to help you learn to better plan and promote your books!  Here’s the website for more information.

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