How to Get a Cheap Cover XIII

In the long, long series on how to make a book cover, we are now discussing the mysterious – and sometimes unnecessary – back cover.  If your book is an eBook only, then some of this information won’t be pertinent to you, however, it never hurts to know more than you need.

So, we discussed designing your back cover last time. Now, once you have an idea on what you want, it’s time to get started putting it all together! I do want to take a moment to explain your options to you:

1. You can make it as a single image (like we did in the tutorials for the Winter’s Chill front cover) and then upload it to the cover creators (remember to make it 300 dpi – or Dots Per Inch!).

2. You can make your front cover, back cover and spine into a single image – or “wrap around cover” – and upload it as a PDF.

3. You can completely put the cover together in the cover creators. Choose the option that works best for you.

Of note on the PDF. I’ve heard that some people have problems getting the wrap around cover PDF to work. I had a friend who converted mine in adobe Illustrator for me (No, I’m not rich enough to own that program!), and I had no problems at all, but other programs/converters might. If it does you can either just relax and make your front cover and back cover as full images, then upload those to the cover creator and drop in place, so that the only thing you loose with the method is the fully customizable spine. OR you can download the trial version of adobe illustrator and convert it yourself. I won’t lie, though, I don’t know if using it for a potentially commercial application is against the licensing agreement when you install the trial or not, so you may want to check this. Also, CLAIMS to sell this $600 program for 90$. I don’t guarantee this is legit, but if anyone else knows we’d all appreciate some info.

Cover Templates:
LuLu one Piece:
LuLu two piece explained: detailed!)
Create Space one piece templates:

PDF conversions for wraparound covers:
Adobe Illustrator trial download:
free online converter:
free converter download:

Bmeps (you need some computer skills for this one):
Image converter plus:
Image to PDF 2009: (image must be less than 400k in unregistered version)


  1. I have yet to master the wrap around pdf file, but since I spent money on a bookcover software making program over a year ago, I figure I’d better get my money’s worth out of. Sadly, it wasn’t until about six months after buying it that I figured out how use it. 😦 I am so slow when it comes to this stuff.

    As for selling a $600 for $90…what a difference in price. It does make you think something is off. Deals shouldn’t be “that” good, you know? I suspect maybe the program isn’t really a $600 one, but that’s just me. LOL

    Thanks for the links at the bottom!

    1. Nothing wrong with that! slow and steady wins the race, you know 😉 It takes me a long time to learn programs, though a lot of it is because am so stubborn (or is it lazy?) and I refuse to read the help files unless it is completely necessary.

      LOL! yeah, I suspect that the cheap version isn’t really the program, or else it’s an illegal hack. To good to be true usually isn’t true!

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