Does anyone know how to make digital boxed sets?

I’ve searched through the internet and am coming up with nothing useful.  Does anyone reading this know how to make something like this:

Sorry I didn’t post the actual picture.  Long story short, I’m having one of those nights where things are working quite right.

Okay.  The picture did go through.  LOL  Like I said, one of those nights…


  1. Marcie Brock says:

    I found a couple companies that print DVD Box Sets – one is UK and the other is a broker for offshore (e.g., China). The offshore option is affordable on a per unit basis, but they usually have sizeble minimums.

    Hope this helps!


    1. Thanks, Marcie! I appreciate the information! I’ll check those out.

  2. You’re asking about the cover design as opposed to the digital multi-book content? I know for the latter it’s simply a case of copying the content for each book into one document, according to KDP.

    1. Yes, I’m asking about the cover design. I see some authors place their front covers on a background to show that it’s a set of ebooks they’re combining, so that’s an option. I was just wondering how people are making it look as if their books are in a boxed set. It’s really neat that they’re able to do that, but I can’t figure out the way they’re doing it. 😀

      1. Marcie Brock says:

        I would use a badge that clearly states it’s a 3-product set. Like this:

        1. Good idea. That would let people know right away what they’re getting.

  3. I’m assuming you mean how to make the COVER look like that, right? If so, my cover artist, Anya Kelleye is looking into it because a couple of authors want her to do that for them. She’s trying to figure it out. You know Anya, don’t you? I can ask her if she’s made any progress.

    1. I think it’s becoming more popular to make them. I don’t recall seeing them until recently. But then again, I might not have been paying attention. I know who Anya is. She does some awesome covers. 😀

  4. Hi Ruth, sorry … I’ve not come across anything / looked before, but i think that it would definately look great for a trilogy. Days where your looking for answers / info can be frustrating i know. You’ll get there Ruth! Hope today is a better one for you!

    1. Thanks, Dave. It can be frustrating to find things. I just know I’m not using the exact terms that would bring the information up. LOL It’s usually something simple that I miss.

  5. Barb says:

    Hi Ruth Ann. I noticed in the LSI Guide that they have instructions for bundling sets. They aren’t boxed, but cello wrapped. interesting questions.

  6. Barb says:

    Oops. Sorrry. I didn’t read all the comments until now. I thought you were looking for someone to print and bundle a set. Good luck.

    1. No problem. I’m not familiar with bundling sets. Is that similar to a boxed set? (I still have much to learn when it comes to this stuff.)

  7. M T McGuire says:

    I don’t but if you find out and do a post I will definitely be interested; re-blogging it, too.

    1. I’ll see what I can find. It would be a useful blog post.

  8. Oh! You’d just make the image… helpful, huh? If you need help drop me a line. That would be very easy to do.

    1. Do you do those? I do good to make the ebook cover and paperback version. You make all the graphics seem easy. I admire your talent.

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