Critical Reviews vs. Negative Reviews – though, as authors, we honestly don’t like to see either one, there IS a difference…

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… and it’s another guest! Please welcome Mighty Editor Katy Sozaeva and her wonderful post on reviews!

Critical Reviews vs. Negative Reviews

5552109Recently, a friend of mine took part in a blog tour. The book she had to read was… not up to her expectations, so she wrote a well-balanced but critical review pointing out the deficits—and the positive aspects—of the book in question. The author was apparently having some sort of contest if her fans commented, so the blog was swarmed with comments, some of which were highly critical of my friend’s so-called “negative review”. This made me think about my own opinions about reviews, and to consider the differences between negative reviews and critical reviews.

A little background: some of you who have been living in a cave in Nepal might not be aware that there has been a lot of static in the book community between certain…

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  1. dm yates says:

    A decent critical review can do nothing but help you become a better writer. And not everyone will like our works or our styles. A negative review is just plain mean.

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