What Are Some Questions You Have?

I have already written posts on some methods for avoiding burnout (which deals somewhat with time management, though I plan to do one specifically for time management) and resonance.  I have scheduled those for release in February.   I haven’t written a post yet on doing serials, but I do that on my To Do List for this weekend, but I’ll schedule it for February, too.

I think that covers the questions from a post I did asking if anyone had blog post ideas.

What Janet Syas Nitsick and I are going to try is a series of videos dedicated to answering any questions you might have.  We will also be happy to cover topics ranging from writing to publishing to book promotion.  (I might have an easier time answering a specific question on promotion than I do with coming up with a blog post topic, so I’m hoping this method will help get ideas going.)

We’re going to start small with video segments that will last for a couple minutes.  Eventually, I’d like to be able to do something where you can hop onto a webinar event and ask us questions in real time while we’d answer via video.

For now, we’re planning to do videos no longer than five minutes to answer a question you have.  Then we’ll post them up on here.  I’ll say in advance, these are not going to be professional quality.  They’ll be recorded with my laptop camera.

Janet and I both have experience with self-publishing and traditionally publishing (with a small publisher), and we’ve been doing this for over five years.  I believe she started out in 2007, and I started out in 2002 with vanity presses but moved to Amazon, CreateSpace, and Smashwords in 2009.

Thanks in advance!


  1. Rana says:

    Apologies if this isn’t where you’d like to get questions, but what are your suggestions for anthologies? Are there good forums to advertise for either critique or selling anthologies, and what advise would you have for a poet looking to publish their first collection?

    1. This is the perfect place for questions. 🙂 I’ll talk with Janet, and we’ll discuss how to best answer your questions. Thanks for asking!

    2. I talked with Janet today. One thing that came up was what kind of stories are in these anthologies? Are they short stories or novellas?

      At the moment, we are getting used to video recording, so we aren’t quite ready to post the video with our answers yet. I didn’t want you to think we forgot you. 🙂

      1. Rana says:

        I was thinking more poetry anthologies, but also short stories. I’ve never considered the idea of compiling novellas before.

        And no worries! I’ve never done videos before myself, but I can imagine the time that has to go into them. Take you time. ^_^

        1. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

          I just figured out how to get a video recorded. Sadly, this is a big step for me. Other people would have had it down in five minutes. It’s taken me a whole day. Technology and I don’t mix well. It takes me time to embrace new things. LOL

    3. I have a couple more questions. What is your goal in publishing poetry? Are you looking to make money? If so, how much? Are you trying to promote an anthology with other authors, or is this anthology a collection of your own poems? What is your ideal audience? What gender, age, and interests does this group have? If I think of anything else, I’ll get back to you.

      1. Rana says:

        Hello Ruth! Sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m honestly not sure what my goal is. Money would be nice, but it’s certainly not the purpose. I think exposure is the purpose if anything. My blog is the only outlet I have right now, and I’d like to get into publication. I have some novels I’m working on, and I’d like to use an anthology of poetry as a publication test-run so to speak. The collection would be all my own, although I have many poet friends I would definitely consider to invite into the project. I have no idea about the audience. I’d say there’s no sex or gender focus. Interests would likely include openness to differing views on religion, visual conception, a little comedy at times. I can’t think of anything else.

        1. No worries on taking a while to get back to me. I know how busy life can get. 🙂

          I think a poetry collection can be an excellent test-run. It’d help you get familiar with the publishing process like formatting, getting a cover, and uploading to the bookstore. As I think about it, audience might be more important when you’re working with stories than poetry.

          A possible way to handle poetry and novels would be to combine them somehow. Maybe write some poems that lead to characters or elements in your stories. They could be used to tease people into wondering what will happen. I would do this separate from the collection. The collection can stand on its own. I’m thinking of a couple of poems you can give away for free with a “This poem is dedication to the character named…..in my novel…….” Or if you choose an a theme for your novel, you can explore an aspect of it in the poem then add the poem goes to your novel.

          I think the best chance of making money would be in the novels, but poems could be a way to help promote them.

          There was someone, on the blog post I just did with Janet Nitsick where we talked about poetry, who mentioned combining poetry with video. Maybe using some pictures and music to help enhance it. It could be another way to help gain exposure to your name and create an author platform. You can buy music and pictures to use in videos at istockphoto.com. Dreamstime.com and shutterstock.com are also good places to buy photos that can be used on covers and in videos. There’s also animoto.com that will let you upload images and it will provide music. You would fill in the text (possibly poetry). Animoto would be the cheaper option, and I would go with it when starting out. But I wanted to list some of the other places just in case they might be useful.

  2. ronfritsch says:

    I’m sure you’ll help a lot of writers with this, Ruth and Janet. I’ll be watching.

    1. I’m excited about doing these. I’m sure I’ll look like a dork in the beginning because this will be new and I’ll be nervous. But it’s like they say, you can’t get beyond nervous until you get used to it. 🙂

  3. I’m really excited about you doing these videos. I think they’ll be helpful.

    1. I’m hoping so. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the interaction.

  4. What makes a good beta reader and how can an author ensure that they’ve got a good one?

    1. Excellent question. I have printed it out to show Janet so we can discuss it. 🙂

    2. I posed the question to Janet today. We are working on figuring out how to get comfortable enough with video to answer this. Please give us a week or two.

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